DSP - Material de Fixação, Fachada Ventilada, Alvenarias, etc.

Welcome to DSPFIX, Lda

Fixing material for ventilated façade, masonry, etc.

The DSPFIX, Sistemas e Soluções de Fixação Lda. Is a geared company towards the provision of services in the construction field. In addition to the services, we have joint a production department of fixing systems for ventilated façade DSP and we carry out the marketing of this products.

The exterior application of granite, marble, slate, Brazilian stone, among others, with the use of clamps, mechanical clamps or from the profile system, according to the requirements of the situation, depending on the location of the work and the material to be applied, and the size of the stone, its thickness between other factors evaluated by our Engineering department, are the speciality of the company DSPFIX Lda.
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4800-858 Guimarães
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